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Nature Group has a proud tradition of collecting and treating maritime and offshore waste in a safe, environmentally sound and socially responsible manner. We aim to keep building on that tradition, offering sustainable and innovative treatment methods and solutions to our customers worldwide.

We maintain the highest standards in terms of quality, health and safety and environmental protection. Nature Group works in full compliance with all applicable regulations, customer requirements and recognised guidelines. Where possible, we actively support and endorse better regulations and anticipate future policies to improve our local and global standards, procedures and performance, and enhance the environment.

health and safety
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The health and safety of people and the environment have been Nature Group’s top priority since the outset. All our port and offshore facilities follow carefully monitored tailor-made policies, risk assessments and emergency plans & procedures (including method statements and work instructions) to promote safe working practises and reduce the risk of accidents or hazards.

Nature Group is fully committed to health and safety. All employees receive quality training and go through regular safety exercises and drills. We use information technologies to record, monitor and analyse incidents, and implement appropriate corrective action. Throughout our activities and operations, Nature Group’s health and safety performance is fine tuned to reduce the risk of incidents occurring in the first place.

sustainability and environmental protection

Our ambition is to be one of the most sustainable companies in the maritime, oil and gas industries. As well as preventing marine pollution, we strive to minimise our use of natural resources, utilise renewable and recycled energy wherever possible and minimise environmental pollution in all its forms.

As part of our annual report and accounts, we monitor and record our environmental performance throughout the year. This enables us to identify focus areas to improve efficiently.