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The maritime industry generates a variety of waste. This can be ship generated waste, small dangerous waste up to cargo related waste such as slops (tank washings) and pre-washes. These waste streams require proper and high quality disposal services guaranteeing the prevention of pollution of the marine environment by ships from operational or accidental causes. Nature Group is a one-stop-shop service provider and collects both solids and liquid waste (Annex I till V) and takes care of the proper disposal.

These services are offered in the shipping hubs within the ARA Region, headquartered in the Port of Rotterdam, and several Ports along the Gulf of Mexico and with its regional headquarter in Houston, Texas. Within these two major (petro) chemical clusters in the world the seagoing vessels are serviced with special trucks and barges whilst calling the port or at the anchorage area. Our qualified captains, operators, tankerman and driver technicians oversee the transfer of liquid waste (such as cargo washings, bilge waters and sludges) from the sea going vessel into either a barge or tanker truck. Our special box trucks, solid waste collection barges and roll offs trucks collect different types of solid wastes (such as galley waste, used engine oils, batteries and light bulbs).

With our service capacity growing with the expansion to new locations, and our uncompromising commitment to quality, Nature Group is the answer to all your maritime waste collection and treatment needs. Every year, we collect and treat more than 200.000 m³ of maritime and offshore waste. Our activities rest upon safe, efficient and environmentally sound technology, for a competitive price.

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