modular solutions
plug and play

Nature Group’s vast experience resulted in modular units in such a way that they are seriously robust, based on simple design and thanks to its plug and play principle require minimal installation time. The systems can also be custom-made to suit specific requirements to achieve local environmental compliance within a limited time scale. The units are adjustable to variations in activity.

The main advantages of a modular system over conventional systems are:

  • Treatment at source
  • Fast track delivery, standardized units
  • Easy to operate
  • Full compliance on the spot
  • Reusable from site to site
  • Reduction in civil works and costs
  • Reduction in design costs
  • Containerized, to be moved in standard transports
  • Modular to adjust capacity and type of treatment to industry demand
oily wastewater

MTU: modular treatment unit
The MTU is a standard modular unit, able to treat oily waters and reduce the hydrocarbons content in water to local standards. It uses a combination of corrugated plate separator (CPI) and an air flotation system (DAF), and can achieve flow-rates up to 15 m3/h

M-EBS: modular emulsion breaking system
The emulsion treatment system M-EBS, is able to separate water from oil by heating the fluid and adding chemicals to the process down to a water content below 2%.
The treatment of oil emulsions, with up to 70% of water content is based on proven technology and perfected basis long lasting operational field expeirences trhougout the years
The M-EBS can be operated by one process operator.  The controls and automation are capable of integration with any existing DCS/SCADA System for quality control and trending.

The M-EBS will be connected to existing tanks and steam pipeline. To facilitate easy connections to existing pipes, DN-flanches are mounted to the 20″ container.
The treatment procedure is performed in batches, based on the capacity of the exiting tanks.

All chemicals used are developed and provided in-house under the Nature Group brand.

M-EBS: modular emulsion breaking system

MTP: modular treatment plant
The MTP, is a combination of various modular units, to build a fully containerized port reception facilities (PRF) or slop oil waste recycling plant.

Several solutions are available, depending on local requirements, existing equipment and space available.

The basic MTP includes a M-EBS and a MTU. An upgraded configuration can also include several process tanks, and biotreatment. In terms of treatement capacity, the available flowrate can be adjusted to specific requirements by using more than 1 module.

The CTU is a water treatment unit, which means it can treat polluted liquids with characteristics similar to seawater. The unit can efficiently treat water at a rate up to 20 m³/h with pollutants as low as 2.5 ppm (lowest measurable value on Infracal). The OIW capacity and PPM efficiency depend on the installation setup.

The unit generates approximately 5-10% (of the inlet OW) foamy sludge that will be discharged into a mobile tank/skip for disposal onshore. The foamy sludge is still fluid and contains a lot of water (>95%), so it may be pumped to a sludge tank at the installation and further dewatered with the STU.



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The Long Beach Decanter Centrifuge (STU) is used for dewatering heavier slop waste such as sludge and water-saturated mud. The separation technology includes an emulsion breaker injection system combined with a decanter centrifuge with high slenderness ratio which sets the STU apart from other centrifuges on the market.

The unit is perfectly equipped to separate solids from the water. The effluent water is suitable for water treatment with the CTU. The unit may also dewater foamy sludge generated by the CTU to reduce the amount of sludge needed to go onshore for disposal. The STU is often used in combination with the CTU for optimal slops treatment.

Recent tests have shown that this process can significantly reduce the sludge generated by the CTU so that only a fraction of the waste has to go to shore. The capacity of the unit varies between 1 and 10 m³/h, depending on the incoming slop (not always relative to the solids amount). Some liquids require dosing of emulsion breaking chemicals to enhance the separation.


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air emissions

The modular scrubber unit is built in a standard frame size of a 40’’ container (to be installed in a vertical position), and is used to reduce H2S and VOC emissions in off-gas streams. It can be used as part of a MTP installation, or installaled at any treatment plant to be connected to existing tanks, ventilations, exaust pipes and other connections.

Modular air stripping unit, is built in a standard frame of a 40’’ container (to be installed in a vertical position), and is able to remove the H2S from the water phase by an air stripping process. The outlet gas is then treated in our M-SCRUB module.