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treatment at source, major savings

Nature Group’s Oil & Gas Division provides a proven slop treatment process that can handle everything produced on a rig from drilling slop to brine/seawater and wastewater.

Our in-house technology allows you to treat slop water on your site of operations, whether that be a jackup rig, a semi-submersible, a drillship or an onshore industrial facility. Your company will reduce its carbon footprint, save on expensive logistics, see a significant reduction in risk and liabilities, and benefit from improvements in process transparency. The units are placed on deck and connected directly to the slop tanks with flexible piping.

liquid waste treatment

The traditional processes for treating liquid waste are inefficient and no longer of this time. Nature Group offers a new way forward that combines a much smaller footprint with a higher treatment capacity, all without the use of filtration membranes.

Here’s how it works in brief…

  • One of our specialist staff visit your location and make a site survey.
  • Sample analyses will be taken to deduce the best way forward.
  • A proposal will be made based on the liquid waste category indication.
  • The recommended solution will be implemented after consultation.
  • Our services can be provided on a continuous basis or via a specific schedule.
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