Compact Treatment Unit (CTU)

The CTU is a water treatment unit, which means it can treat polluted liquids with characteristics similar to seawater. The unit can efficiently treat water at a rate up to 20 m³/h with pollutants as low as 2.5 ppm (lowest measurable value on Infracal). The OIW capacity and PPM efficiency depend on the installation setup.

The unit generates approximately 5-10% (of the inlet OW) foamy sludge that will be discharged into a mobile tank/skip for disposal onshore. The foamy sludge is still fluid and contains a lot of water (>95%), so it may be pumped to a sludge tank at the installation and further dewatered with the STU.

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Sludge Treatment Unit (STU)

The Long Beach Decanter Centrifuge (STU) is used for dewatering heavier slop waste such as sludge and water-saturated mud. The separation technology includes an emulsion breaker injection system combined with a decanter centrifuge with high slenderness ratio which sets the STU apart from other centrifuges on the market.

The unit is perfectly equipped to separate solids from the water. The effluent water is suitable for water treatment with the CTU. The unit may also dewater foamy sludge generated by the CTU to reduce the amount of sludge needed to go onshore for disposal. The STU is often used in combination with the CTU for optimal slops treatment.

Recent tests have shown that this process can significantly reduce the sludge generated by the CTU so that only a fraction of the waste has to go to shore. The capacity of the unit varies between 1 and 10 m³/h, depending on the incoming slop (not always relative to the solids amount). Some liquids require dosing of emulsion breaking chemicals to enhance the separation.

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