waste treatment at source:

Why transport waste when you can create value or minimise costs by treating waste at the source?

Today the maritime, Oil and Gas industry are continuously searching for ways to increase sustainability by lowering their environmental footprint. Nevertheless, to ensure sustainability, it is required to combine productivity with energy efficiency therewith ensuring an economical viable solution. Every day our customers deal with variations in waste/slop water volumes, calling for flexibility in treatment.

Modular Treatment at Source units create sustainable waste management solutions for a wide spectrum of activities, from refining operations to offshore exploration and production activities to maritime port reception facilities.

Nature Group solutions simplify civil construction and reduce the installation and commissioning time on site. Whether these are installed permanently or on a mobile basis. It secures a minimal footprint and can be easily extended and or relocated thanks to its modular and mobile design. Often customers need to reduce the time of construction to respond to sudden waste issues, or to increase capacity of existing facilities due to increased activity and or market changes. In other cases, like oil exploration in remote areas (offshore), there is a need of modular equipment to treat the production wastes on location, avoiding transport costs of waste to a fixed installation which in most cases is far away from the source.

Customer benefits

  • Proven and robust technologies to ensure production stability and continuity.
  • Fully automated and controlled by SCADA systems, with remote access for technical assistance, designed to be “user friendly”
  • Fast track response to urgent needs for a solution.
  • Modular and mobile solutions based on a ‘plug and play’ principle. Modules can be in function of the specific situation and needs.
  • Low costs thanks to standardised production.
  • Full information and control for the user.
  • Offshore proven where reliability and durability are of key essence.
  • Nature Group provides technical assistance and operators if required.