The collector of all marpol waste streams

Nature Group is a leading maritime, oil & gas waste collection and waste treatment company, with more than 30 years of experience worldwide. We have first-class port reception facilities to collect and treat maritime waste, and offer sophisticated services for the collection and safe disposal of waste streams generated within the maritime, oil and & gas industries.

Clean seas your choice our mission is reflected in everything we do. Our goal is to set the global standard for sustainable and innovative solutions that ensure cleaner seas and improve efficiency for our customers.

Our mission

It is our ambition to help our customers meet increasing environmental concerns in a most sustainable manner by:

  • Enabling a safe and reliable waste collection within all Dutch Seaports and imortant hubs for inland navigation
  • Using the latest technologies in our maritime and waste collection services
  • Acting as your One-Stop-Ship service provider and collector of all MARPOL waste streams
  • Research and development are top priority to always be ahead of the game

Our vision

To set the standard for efficient and environmental friendly waste management across the maritime and the oil and gas sector.