Marpol Annex V

With the collection of Small Dangerous Waste, Domestic (regular garbage) and plastic waste streams from seagoing vessels Nature Group further expanded its One-Stop-Ship service package.

Meeting the needs and changing demands of its trusted client portfolio Nature ISD is your Single Point of Contact for a swift and 24/7 waste disposal service. Minimizing risk of delaying or interfering your port operations and ships turnaround.

Our dedicated fleet of “Clean Seas” crane barges are utilized with different compartments and containers. Through this configuration the collected waste streams from your vessel are separated on board, before further thoroughgoing separation prior final disposal and recycling on shore.

Nature’s Clean Seas and Marpol Annex V collection fleet covers almost the entire Dutch coast including the important Oil & Gas support hubs Den Helder and Eemshaven/Delfzijl.

Data and Statistics:

On request all MARPOL ANNEX I – VI disposal data and analytics are available to give a unique insight in the disposal performance of your fleet and of course per individual vessel. Volumes, weights, timesheets and a signed copy of the official waste transfer document are digital and available.