Port Reception Facilities

The maritime industry generates a wide variety of waste. This can be ship generated waste, small dangerous waste up to cargo related waste streams such as slops (tank washings) and pre-washes. These waste streams require the highest standard in terms of quality, health and a guaranteed prevention of pollution to the marine environment. Nature Group is your One-Stop-Shop service provider and collects both solid and liquid wastes (Annex I – VI) and takes care of the proper disposal.

These services are offered in the shipping hubs within the ARA Region. Our highly qualified barge captains, barge schedulers and technicians oversee the transfer of liquid waste (such as tank washings, pre-washes bilge waters and sludge) from the sea going vessel into either a barge or tanktruck. With a state-of-the-art fleet of slop barges, tank trucks, and CleanSeas waste collection barges Nature International Slop Disposal is your single point of contact during vessels port call for the collection of all MARPOL waste streams.